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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye and DOC

The Official Site of the award-winning and popular TV Series. Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is based on the real life Sue Thomas. DOC TV series stars Billy Ray Cyrus. Created and produced by the Johnson Brothers.

“Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” is the critically acclaimed family favorite series inspired by the remarkable true story of Sue Thomas, a profoundly deaf woman whose unique lip reading ability lands her on the F.B.I.’s elite surveillance team. Starring Deanne Bray (“Heroes”), this groundbreaking original drama takes you on a witty, heart-warming, fast-paced ride. Tackling tough cases while catching the eye of handsome Agent Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson), Sue and her hearing dog Levi are suddenly ‘G-men’ on the adventure of a lifetime!

Joining Sue, Levi and Jack on the team are Bobby Manning (Rick Peters), a charismatic agent who likes to bend the rules; Dimitrius Gans (Marc Gomes), the senior member of the surveillance unit; Lucy Dotson (Enuka Okuma), the team’s right hand support person and Sue’s best friend and roommate; Myles Leland III (Ted Atherton), the Boston born, Harvard educated, self-proclaimed ‘Einstein with a gun;’ and Tara Williams (Tara Samuel), the quirky but brilliant go-to tech expert.
With exciting cases that showcase the courage, perseverance and humor of Sue Thomas, the award-winning series keeps you on the edge of your seat while also making you laugh and cry.

In “DOC”, Clint "Doc" Cassidy (Billy Ray Cyrus) is a handsome country doctor from Montana who moves to the Big Apple. His down-to-earth style and bedside manner endear him to the patients at a Manhattan clinic, but he encounters resistance from his colleagues and the system. Without losing his values, common sense and country demeanor, Clint adjusts to an urban lifestyle, forming new relationships and encountering new adventures along the way.

“Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” and “DOC” are from creators Dave Alan Johnson and Gary R. Johnson, who also created Against the Grain.


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